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2013 Mid Year Report

“Up” is a good word to describe Kilgore Economic Development Corp.’s progress mid-FY 2012-13.  Leads are up 107%.  Projects are up 300%.  The average rate of return on those projects is 32% with an average payback period of 4 years.
The assessment underscores KEDC’s assertive development activities and a changing mindset toward lead generation.  Staff is now shifting its attention to the companies themselves as well as lead generating agents, or “gateways” to companies.  Reaching out to companies with new initiatives, collaborations and development have pushed results up and include:
  • Collaboration with North East Texas Economic Alliance and Target Industry Prospects for two recruiting trips to California with another planned for summer.
  • Mass recruitment to firearms and ammunitions manufacturers.
To support these new leads and projects, new business climate initiatives began, including:
  • Company interviews in conjunction with the KEDC Technology Center.
  • Labor analysis of East Texas talent and transferability of skills.
For a look at the entire report, click HERE.