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2013 Year End Report

At each year’s end, KEDC reflects on its  Strategic Plan as a whole as well as the Mission and Vision Statements to determine how its activites are moving the organization forward.  
KEDC Mission Statement
To enhance a business climate that is conducive to job creation and retention, improving the standard of living for Kilgore residents.
Short-term Accomplishments  through KEDC Contracts
  • 430 jobs retained.
  • 62 jobs created.

Long-term Achievements
After lagging the US for most of the last two decades, per capita personal income in Gregg County have improved dramatically.  In 2011, the most recent year for which data are available, PCPI in Gregg County was estimated at $43,222 compared with $41,560 for the US.  This represents $1.04 of income for each $1.00 of income at the national level. 

KEDC Vision Statement
A strengthened and diverse economy that is considered to be a prime business location.
Short-term Accompolishments through KEDC Contracts
  • KEDC signed four contracts with companies not involved in the oil & gas industry and two for companies that support the oil and gas industry.
  • Companies invested $10,876,000 in Kilgore.
Long-term Achievements
Employment growth in Gregg County has consistently outpaced the US over the past decade.  And those have been high-quality primary jobs.  Like the state and the nation, healtcare and social assistance jobs comprise the largest share of the county’s employment at roughly 12 percent of the total.  After that, however, the composition of the county’s employment differs sharply from the state and the US.  The next largest components of employment in Gregg County are manufacturing and mining, which account for roughly 10 percent each of the county’s job base.  By contrast, retail trade and local government take the number two and three positions at the state and national level.
Metrics that Matter
Albert Einstein was right.  Not everything that counts can be counted. Such is an activity that the KEDC board of directors approved to improve the workforce pipeline available to area companies.  
  • KEDC asked 10 local industries what skills are hardest to find.  They responded with 74 openings for advanced welders.
  • In response, the KEDC board of directors appoved the construction of the KEDC Advanced Technology Center  to advance welding skills as well as other disciplines.
However, even amidst the data explosion that is a part of our culture, certain metrics remain significant and measureable.  
Click HERE for our accomplishments for the fiscal year 2012-2013.