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2015 Mid Year Report

What’s changing?  What isn’t?  Staff, prospect expectations, lead development.  KEDC staff has been called on to adjust as the practicality and direction of economic development changes.
A.       Staff changes include the departure of Lisa Denton and the addition of contract employee Lawanna Williams, who works with KEDC finances. 
B.       To meet company expectations concerning time and money, the KEDC board has voted to prepare design development documents for a shell, tilt-wall building in Synergy Business Park.
C.       Another change relates to sources of economic development leads.  The percentage of leads developed internally continues to grow as seen in the last row of the chart below:
Leads developed
Time period
Percent of leads developed internally
To date
2013-2014 Mid-Year
2014-2015 Mid-Year

KEDC board of directors and staff have contributed to the local economy during the past six months in the following ways:
·         Approved two Economic Development Performance Agreements
o    Companies in contract with KEDC invested $5.6 million, more than twice at this time last year.
o    Companies in contract with KEDC created 8 new jobs and retained 106.  Mid-year 2014 results yielded 41 new jobs and 268 retained jobs.
·         Developed 55 leads, consistent with last year.
·         Worked with 16 existing primary employers
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