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2016 Mid Year Report

To improve competitiveness, the board approved two measures designed to expand KEDC’s ability to respond to industrial prospects with sites in Kilgore:
  1. Establish a virtual building program with a shovel-ready site, pre-designed building and marketing materials such as a video and mailer.  The site and collateral materials have been prepared, and KEDC will launch the full campaign during the second half of the year.
  2. Issue bonds to extend Synergy Park into the planned Phase IV, which opens larger lots for high impact economic development projects.  Construction on Alliance Way is expected to begin in May.
Lead development continues to evolve for KEDC.  The percentage of leads developed internally continues to grow as seen in the first row of the chart below:
Leads developed
Time period
Percent of leads developed internally
2015-2016 Mid-Year
2014-2015 Mid-Year
2013-2014 Mid-Year
To date


KEDC board of directors and staff have contributed to the local economy during the past six months in the following ways:
·         Approved two Economic Development Performance Agreements
o    Companies in contract with KEDC plan to invest $1.2 million, less than the amount committed last year at $5.6 million.
o    Companies in contract with KEDC plan to create 30 new jobs and retain 434, which is four times as many jobs committed last year and twice as many as the last three year average.
·         Developed 51 leads, a number consistent with last year and the last three year average.
Contacted 43 primary employers through the BRE program, providing substantial assistance to six and generating two leads.
For the entire report click HERE.