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2017 Wage & Benefit Survey

Companies that participated in the 2017 East Texas I-20 Corridor Area Wage & Fringe Benefits Survey employ approximately 7,400 workers in the region with a total payroll exceeding $174.9 million annually. The survey included companies from a variety of industrial sectors.
Employment among companies that participated in the survey has remained relatively stable during the past year. While 11 firms reported an employment decline during the past year, 15 firms reported adding workers. Regional employment among survey participants is likely to increase in the year ahead. More than half of companies surveyed believe they will add workers during the next year. Just 3 companies reported that they may eliminate workers during the coming year.
Companies in the East Texas I-20 Corridor generally reported being satisfied with the local workforce. Approximately half of all companies surveyed also characterized the reading, writing and computer skills of local workers as ‘Good.’ Surveyed companies also reported that the local workforce is typically reliable and trainable. On the whole, finding workers for unskilled positions is easier than for technical, skilled, or professional positions. While most employers require some form of substance abuse testing for their workers, the issue doesn’t appear to be a significant concern among local businesses.
For the complete report, click HERE.
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