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2018 Mid Year Report

The first six months featured elevated prospect activity and an increase in the number of direct calls as a source of leads.  Intense prospect activity has been a highlight with 40 active prospects during the time period. During the last two years the number of leads from direct and referred calls increased 17 percent from the three year average and is triple the number from three years ago. Overall, results remain consistent. 
KEDC closed one EDPA with McClung Energy Services representing 62 jobs and almost $3.8 million in capital investment, which is consistent with the past three year average. Incentives for the economic development agreement represent a 25.1 percent rate of return and payback period of 4.1 years, which is similar to last year.
Prospect Development
Prospect activity is the biggest news of the first six months of this fiscal year. During this period, KEDC engaged with 40 different projects, similar to prospect activity last year. We engaged significantly with 17 high priority prospects.
KEDC staff cultivated 29 leads, of which 26 were actionable.  Lack of a larger building was the leading reason KEDC was unable to respond. The overall number of leads remains consistent. The number of leads developed internally continues in an upward trajectory to 68 percent from 35 percent five years ago.  The number of non-energy leads remains consistent at 14 percent.