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Annual & Mid Year Reports

2019 Mid Year Report

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The first six months featured an impressive number of executed Economic Development Agreements that match YE totals from last year as well as three- and five-year YE averages. This elevated prospect activity resulted in capital investment as well as job retention and creation that is expected to meet and exceed recent metrics as shown in the descriptions below.

KEDC closed five EDPAs representing 438 retained jobs and 36 projected new jobs created. The number of agreements equals the number signed in the entirety of FYE 2018 and exceed both three- and five-year YE averages.

The number of jobs under contract is consistent with YE three- and five-year averages.

The agreements also represent $12,485,000 in projected new capital investment and $3,000,000 in retained investment, placing the organization on track to equal to YE three- and five-year averages.

AgreementsJobs Under ContractInvestment Under Contract

KEDC staff cultivated 25 leads, of which 18 were actionable. All leads in which we were unable to respond were sourced from the State.  Leads are contacts that have required an economic development service from KEDC.  The overall number of leads remains consistent with recent years.

The number of non-energy leads remains consistent at 88 percent.

Internal KEDC activities continue to be the leading source for actionable leads. Internal KEDC activities include both inbound and outbound techniques.  

Total Leads #Total Leads Non-EnergyActionable Leads from Internal Activities



2019 Year End Report

The end of year annual report will be made available for download here in January of 2020.


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