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SWEPCO Commercial Solutions Program


The Commercial Solutions Program offers local government and businesses both cash and non-cash incentives for implementing energy efficiency improvements. These incentives are available for qualifying measures in new and retrofit projects. SWEPCO has partnered with CLEAResult to implement the Program.

The Commercial Solutions Program is designed to help commercial electric distribution customers within SWEPCO's service territory address rising energy costs through energy efficiency. In addition to objective, third-party consulting services, the Program will provide the direct support, tools, and training necessary to help customers:

  1. Identify, evaluate, and undertake energy efficiency improvements.

  2. Properly evaluate energy efficiency proposals from vendors.

  3. Oversee opportunities throughout completion.

  4. Understand how to leverage energy savings in order to finance projects.

  5. Incentives are available for:

    • Air infiltration

    • Lighting Upgrades

    • HVAC Upgrades

    • Chillers

    • Roofing and Window Upgrades

    • Refrigeration

    • Lighting Controls

    • Motor Upgrades

    • ENERGY STAR® Food Cooker Upgrades

Program Details

Based on the participant's needs, the Commercial Solutions Program will provide customized energy efficiency solutions using the following tools and services:

  • Technical Assistance to help identify and evaluate energy-efficiency opportunities as well as administrative program management.

  • Communications Support to help publicize the partner's leadership and accomplishments in energy efficiency.

  • Cash incentives for qualifying renovation and new construction projects, resulting in reduced peak electric demand.

Program Eligibility

Customers eligible to participate in the Program are any commercial customers served by SWEPCO and defined by a single tax identification number, with the exception of K-12 school districts, colleges, and universities.

For a project at a specific facility to be eligible for financial incentives in the Program, the ESIID (noted on the electric bill as shown below) must be provided in order to verify SWEPCO Texas provides electric service for the facility.

A project, for program purposes, is defined as one (1) proposed peak demand savings measure type at one (1) facility owned and/or operated by the Partner. All measures must meet the following requirements:

  • Must result in a measurable and verifiable electric demand reduction during either the summer peak period, defined as between 1 PM and 7 PM, Monday through Friday, for the months of June through September, excluding weekends and federal holidays, or the winter peak period, defined as between the hours of 6 AM and 10 AM, and 6 PM and 10 PM, during the months of December, January and February, excluding weekends and federal holidays.

  • Must produce electric demand savings through an increase in energy efficiency.

  • Full incentives are based on measures that have a useful life of at least 10 years. Equipment with shorter measure lives may receive a pro-rated incentive amount but require documentation of their useful life.

  • New equipment must exceed minimum equipment efficiency standards.

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Step 1: Project Identification

The Program works with individual Partners to assist them in assessing their equipment, facilities and operations to identify eligible energy efficiency projects. See "Incentives" section for details on the assistance provided in identifying projects. Depending on volume or time of year, the Program may not be able to provide direct assessment assistance to all Partners. See "Project Eligibility" section for a list of measures eligible for incentives under the Program. Contact an Energy Advisor.

Step 2: Pre-Installation For a retrofit project, Partner allows the Program Implementer access to the project site for the purpose of a pre-installation inspection. A pre-installation inspection must pass before any installation work can begin. For a new construction project, Partners must submit a full set of design development/construction drawings or similar (in electronic, PDF file format) to CLEAResult for review. Once a pre-installation inspection (retrofit projects) or plan review (new construction projects) has been completed, CLEAResult will assist the Partner in submitting a Project Application Form.

Step 3: Project Application & Incentive Reservation Approval of Project Application Forms and reservations of incentive funds are solely within the discretion of the Program Implementer. Incentive funds estimated in a Form are not officially reserved until the Program Implementer approves the Form.

The Program Implementer will review each Project Application Form for completeness, accuracy and whether the listed measures qualify for incentive funding under the Program. CLEAResult will communicate with the Partner regarding necessary corrections and/or modifications to the application (additional information may be required). Once reviewed and approved, CLEAResult will notify the Partner in writing of the incentive amount reserved in the Program.

Step 4: Installation Upon completion and written approval of the pre-installation inspection, the Partner proceeds with the project installation. In the case of a new construction project, Partner may proceed directly to installation as soon as the project is identified (i.e. Partner may choose to begin construction before the Project Application Form is submitted). Partner must notify the Program Implementer immediately of any and all changes to the project scope, equipment selection, or timeline during installation.

Step 5: Post-Installation After the project has been installed, the Partner will notify CLEAResult of the project's completion as soon as possible in order to arrange a post-installation inspection of the project. Partner is expected to work with the Program Implementer to confirm (and update if necessary) the supporting documentation that accompanied the approved Project Application Form for the now completed project. Notice can be provided via email, telephone, or in writing to CLEAResult.

Partner agrees to submit to CLEAResult a copy of the final invoice for equipment cost, labor, and all other costs associated with the project. If Partner uses internal labor and is therefore not invoiced for labor, Partner will submit to CLEAResult a copy of the equipment invoice and an estimate of internal labor hours spent.

Once the project is completed, the Partner notifies CLEAResult and schedules a post-installation inspection. Using the most current project documentation, a Program inspector will again visit the site or sites to visually verify the equipment has been replaced as indicated. The inspector will document the type of equipment installed including make, model and serial number where applicable. The Partner must provide a knowledgeable representative to accompany the inspector on the post-installation inspection.

Step 6: Payment Using the results of the post-installation inspection, the Program Implementer will determine the eligible peak demand savings (kW) and annual energy savings (kWh/yr) for the project and determine the amount of incentives due to the Partner. The Program Implementer is not under any obligation to provide Partner with more incentives than the amount reserved by the Project Application Form for any project, even if Partner achieves greater energy savings by the project than what were estimated. However, if budget is still available when a project achieves greater energy savings than estimated, the Program Implementer has the option to pay Partner more than the amount reserved, up to the incentive calculated by the achieved energy savings. For additional details on how incentive payments are determined, scheduled, and paid, please see the "Incentives" section in the Program Manual.