Success Story



When most people think of Caterpillar, they may think of construction equipment like bulldozers and front-end loaders. While the folks at HOLT CAT in Kilgore work on that equipment from time to time, their focus is on much larger hardware.

One major focus of the Kilgore facility is their frac shop, where major oil and gas companies bring their fracking equipment to be serviced and repaired. Frac pumps, often powered by Cat engines and Cat transmissions, are used in the oil industry to pump high volumes of water at a very high pressure into the ground to break layers of rock, releasing oil and gas to be harvested. Equipment brought into the Kilgore facility is repaired, refurbished, and tested up to 15,000 psi before being retuned to the oil field.

In addition to the frac shop, HOLT CAT Kilgore also maintains a manufacturing shop that builds oilfield skids as well as enormous 5,000-gallon fuel cells for backup generators that supply emergency power to data centers around the country. These fuel cells also provide whole-facility power to other essential services like hospitals.

A 13,250 sq. ft. machine shop compliments the frac and manufacturing facilities by providing repair and component manufacturing capabilities for Caterpillar and other companies, returning their equipment to the field with a short turnaround time. HOLT CAT’s Kilgore facility is home to many lathes, horizontal boring mills, knee mills and one of the largest CNC horizontal boring mills in East Texas to accommodate large projects. HOLT CAT also performs machining and welding in the field for customers that might are unable to bring their components to the shop.

With approximately 70,000 sq. ft. under roof, and a 15-acre lot, HOLT CAT can accommodate just about every piece of equipment in the field. The Kilgore facility was initially constructed in 2007 to build dragline equipment for the coal mining industry, giving HOLT CAT high ceilings and expansive rollup doors that facilitate larger-than-average projects.

The Holt name has been associated with heavy equipment and Caterpillar for over 100 years. HOLT CAT owners, Peter J. Holt and Corinna Holt Richter are direct descendants of Benjamin Holt, who in 1904 developed the first successful track-type tractor which he named the “Caterpillar.”

HOLT CAT is a regional dealer of Caterpillar products with locations throughout South, Central, North and East Texas. HOLT CAT is the largest Cat dealer in North America, with Kilgore’s 55 employees being part of a much larger workforce totaling over 3600 across the state.

First and foremost, HOLT CAT is a values-driven company. By instilling these values in their team members, the company has been able to grow exponentially over the past few years, with many of their facilities seeing growth not only in their number of employees, but in their footprint.

Workforce training is an integral part of HOLT CAT’s philosophy. An in-house training department ensures that new members of the team have the technical training and soft skills necessary to do the job, while more seasoned workers receive routine training to keep up with new innovations. With the numerous internship opportunities offered at HOLT, students can earn credit hours through local trade schools and community colleges.

HOLT CAT sees their team as their biggest assets, with many employees having spent the majority of their careers, as long as 40 years, under one roof. If you’re interested in joining the HOLT CAT family, you can view current career opportunities by visiting their website at