Success Story

TOCE International


TOCE International, located at 337 Cargill Road, has been building tanks and vessels since 2020. Jody Day, Managing Partner at TOCE, has been building tanks and vessels since he was 12, working for his grandfather here in Kilgore. After a long career in Texas and the Southwest, Jody had the opportunity to bring a new tank company to Kilgore.

In February of 2020, Abraham Carranza and Taha Habib contacted Jody, asking for him to join them as they started TOCE International. An early relationship with the Kilgore Economic Development Corporation helped Jody decide to bring TOCE to Kilgore.

“I had been looking at different towns, and someone told me about Kilgore Economic Development Corporation. I contacted them, and they presented to us some incentives to locate in Kilgore,” said Day. “We gave all the information to them, what our projections were, we signed a lease and went into an agreement with Kilgore.”

TOCE started work in Kilgore on June 15th, 2020, when they signed a lease on the building on HWY 31. After opening their doors as a team of two, TOCE quickly grew to 15 employees. As business continued to grow, the TOCE team expanded their operation into their current headquarters complex on Cargill Road. As a direct result of this expansion effort, TOCE was able to grow from 15 employees to 70 employees.

“One of the things that has allowed us to be successful here in Kilgore is the support we’ve had from KEDC,” said Day. “That’s been a great benefit for us.”
Jody Day, Managing Partner

It takes a special team to start a successful company during a global pandemic, but the leadership at TOCE looked at the situation and saw something most people didn’t: an opportunity.

Day explains;

“People ask us ‘What made you want to start a company in the middle of COVID?’ and we said ‘during chaos, there’s opportunity’. And that’s what we did, we took the opportunity when no one else would take the opportunity. And, we’re thankful to Kilgore to help us during the growth that we’ve had. We’re excited. We feel that the benefit that we have for Kilgore will continue to grow, as far as hiring more people in this area and growing the tax base for Kilgore. We’re excited about the future for sure.”

Kilgore’s central location was a big draw for TOCE, putting the company in close proximity to local vendors and a large customer base.

“We purchase a lot of different products to make our tanks and vessels and a lot of the stuff that we buy comes from Kilgore,” said Day. “We utilize a lot of local vendors here. It’s been really good for us. Kilgore is centrally located for us to service a broad range of our customer base for this particular area.”

Kilgore’s unique history in oil and gas has helped TOCE find the workforce they needed to allow the company to flourish. Trades and tradespeople that TOCE has a unique need for are abundant in Kilgore and the surrounding area, which continues to be a strong asset for the area.

Like any new company, TOCE has experienced its fair share of growing pains. These pains, however, are good growing pains. Namely, TOCE has grown faster than anticipated, and they’ve had to fill positions that they didn’t think they’d have to fill for 3 or 4 more years.

Jody and the team at TOCE have their eyes towards the future, with a growing workforce and additional expansions just around the corner. They have room to grow at their Cargill Rd. facility, and their HWY 31 facility is now being used for stainless steel work. TOCE anticipates growing to a workforce of 150-200 over the next couple of years.

To learn more about TOCE International and the work that they do in Kilgore, visit them on the web at: