Success Story

P&W Sales


Started in 1964, Dennis Pike and his daughter Mary Ann Williams founded P&W Sales—a small, family-owned operation providing industrial goods to the booming oil business. Over the past six decades, P&W Sales has become an industry-leading oilfield and manufacturer’s representative. Headquartered in Kilgore, the company has expanded to four additional branches across Texas, with stores in Fort Worth, Midland, Pleasanton, and Pecos.


At the helm of this growth is Pike’s grandson and the current owner of P&W Sales, Wayman McMillan, who took over the family business in 1978.


“I rode with my grandfather during the summers when I was out of school and learned about the oilfield, joining him on locations while helping him onsite,” McMillan said. “We worked side-by-side for 19 years at P&W. When he got older and busier, he asked me to come aboard the business and learn more. I started to call the shots about a decade before he passed, though he was still here to help guide me.”


Today, P&W serves over 650 commercial clients in the Ark-La-Tex region, McMillan attributing its success to cultivating relationships within the trade and maintaining the reputation necessary to succeed in this industry. Continuing the family tradition is McMillan’s son, Vice President Zachary McMillan, the third generation of descendants to join the company.


“I grew the business over time, and the opportunity for expansion was there with the help of a lot of good friends and employees,” McMillan said. “Now, with Zach on board, he is doing similar things as I did and bringing his new ideas to the table.”


This expansion necessitated a relocation of its headquarters to a new facility at the corner of 42 North and Longview Street, the rising demand for service outgrowing its previous location’s capacity. Zach McMillan says he sees opportunities for P&W to surpass its current rank and has begun preparing for the future.


“Our growth will be more focused internally, which is why we needed the larger facility with more office space,” Zach McMillan said. “Organizational growth is where we are headed and have been working toward, meaning more communication and structure in order to streamline our capabilities. I want to grow the company like my dad did—taking it from a hole-in-the-wall supply company to a multistore conglomerate.”


The move consolidated P&W’s three building headquarters into one, the warehouse alone allotting nearly 16,000 additional square feet. The Kilgore branch is the second-highest performing location, with 19 of the company’s 35 employees operating from the region.


“We bought this building around two years ago and moved in June of 2022,” Zachary said. “We renovated the offices, cleaned up, and restructured the warehouse to better suit our need—size, both in the office and the warehouse.”


With the convenience of a catalog offering nearly 9,000 line items across all five branches, the company’s knowledgeable and dedicated sales team awaits each opportunity to meet any industry needs.


To learn more about P&W Sales, stop by their newly renovated office and warehouse at 2318 TX-42 in Kilgore, or visit them on the web at