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A Certified Capital Company (CAPCO) is a private government-sponsored venture capital company formed to increase the availability of growth capital for small businesses located in Texas. The program is also intended to stimulate job creation in Texas by requiring supported businesses to have at least 80 percent of payroll/manpower located within Texas.
Small businesses in Texas receive funding from venture capital firms
  • The business must be headquartered in Texas (or relocate to Texas within 90 days of the CAPCO's first investment).
  • The business can have no more than 100 employees at the time of investment.
  • 80 percent of payroll/manpower must be located within Texas.
  • Primary business activity may be manufacturing, processing, or assembling products; research and development; or providing services.
  • The business may not be primarily engaged in retail sales, real estate development, insurance, banking, leasing, lending, or professional services.
  • By statute, a percentage of the CAPCO investments must be used for early stage businesses and businesses located in strategic investment areas.
Businesses may contact CAPCO certified venture capital companies for information on available financing. Click HERE for contact information.
The Comptroller of Public Accounts administers the CAPCO program through the Texas Treasury Safekeeping Trust Company. For more information on CAPCO, visit the Comptroller's website.