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Highway Access

Miles To
Interstate 20
US Highway 259
TX Highway 31
TX Highway 42
TX Highway 135


The proposed site in Synergy Park is located at the cross section of two important corridors: Interstate 20 and Spur 259 of U.S. Route 59. I-20 is a direct route to the DFW metro area and is a major east–west interstate highway in the Southern United States and intersects seven of the 10 primary north–south interstates and also the east-west interstates 10 and 30.

U.S. Route 259 is a direct route to Houston and is a north–south spur of U.S. Route 59, a north–south United States highway that is a border-to-border route. The route has been designated as the future Interstate 69 with a portion of the highway near Houston already designated as I-69.

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