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Industrial Technology Program

Kilgore College has formed a new partnership with UT Tyler's Longview campus to create a hands-on Industrial Technology program.
The Tyler program is at capacity and upon deciding where to add another campus, officials felt Longview's industry driver area would be best. After polling manufacturing companies in the area, 80 percent said they were interested in the skills of graduates from the Industrial Technology program.
The new program, also referred to as 'Applied Engineering,' will give students hands-on training that will lead to jobs as plant managers, industrial engineers, and even quality management.
Chair of the department, Mark Miller says the hope is that students will be educated here and then stay here promoting local industry growth and expansions versus sending work overseas.  "A lot of the manufacturers say they're having to move to Mexico, they're having to move to China because they just can't compete and they can't find anybody who can do this stuff. All of our students, they get multiple job offers, that's the deal. They're saying all these college grads, they graduate and can't get a job, well ours do."
MIller says students work on both basic equipment like sanders, but will also get to use 3-D printers and robotics.