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Kilgore EDC Celebrates Industry

More than 100 economic development partners gathered to celebrate industry in Kilgore, Texas.
‘Industry makes Kilgore a special place,’ said KEDC Board President Pat Nault.  ‘Industrial property has a dramatic influence in Kilgore and plays a vital role in reducing the overall tax burden.‘
According to the 2015 Report on Property Tax Values by ctmi, the industrial sector in Kilgore remains the dominant factor to the tax base, outpacing both the residential and commercial sectors. The report cites the per capital value of industrial property at $31,189, almost four times larger than surrounding cities. 
‘It is our commitment to serve industry well,’ said KEDC Executive Director Amanda Nobles.  ‘They make a tremendous contribution to the Kilgore economy not only in reducing the tax burden, but also in creating jobs.'
After healthcare, the next largest industries in terms of the local economy’s job base are part of the goods producing sector at 20%, well above the state and national levels.  Click HERE for the local Labor Market Profile.