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Market Access

Demographic Profile
Within 250 miles of Kilgore, the market is more than 20 million people. The region has a civilian labor force of 10,202,245 with a participation rate of 65.6%. Of individuals 25 to 64 in the 250 Mile Radius, 31.7% have a bachelor’s degree or higher which compares with 32.3% in the nation.The median household income in the 250 Mile Radius is $61,105 and the median house value is $167,184.
Unemployment Rate
The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for the 250 Mile Radius was 3.5% as of April 2019. The regional unemployment rate was lower than the national rate of 3.7%. One year earlier, in April 2018, the unemployment rate in the 250 Mile Radius was 3.9%.
Wage Trends
The average worker in the 250 Mile Radius earned annual wages of $58,282 as of 2019Q1. Average annual wages per worker increased 1.9% in the region over the preceding four quarters. For comparison purposes, annual average wages were $55,825 in the nation as of 2019Q1.
Cost of Living Index
The Cost of Living Index estimates the relative price levels for consumer goods and services. When applied to wages and salaries, the result is a measure of relative purchasing power.  The cost of living is 3.5% lower in 250 Mile Radius than the U.S. average. 
Education Levels
Expected growth rates for occupations vary by the education and training required. While all employment in the 250 Mile Radius is projected to grow 1.6% over the next ten years, occupations typically requiring a postgraduate degree are expected to grow 2.1% per year, those requiring a bachelor’s degree are forecast to grow 1.8% per year, and occupations typically needing a 2-year degree or certificate are expected to grow 1.9% per year.
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