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Texas Industry Development Loan Program

The Texas Industry Development (TID) Loan Program provides capital to Texas communities at favorable market rates. The main objective of TID is to support projects that will stimulate the creation of jobs. TID loans can be used for a variety of purposes including community infrastructure development. TID financing is available for loans above $5,000,000.
TID Program loans are variable rate, low-cost, long-term financing opportunities to cover costs of economic development projects. The term of the loan cannot extend beyond the useful life of the assets, or bond maturity in 2025. Debt service is provided by the issuing authority.
The TID program operates within a non-profit corporation under the Development Corporation Act of 1979 (Vernon's Texas Civil Statutes Article 5190.6), Texas Small Business Industrial Development Corporation (TSBIDC). The 67th Legislature in 1981 authorized TSBIDC to issue bonds for economic development projects and is administered by the Office of the Governor.