What We Do


Kilgore, Texas is located east of Dallas on Interstate 20 and is considered a manufacturing center in the Northeast Texas area.  KEDC is an organization focused on growing and diversifying the Kilgore economy.  In the last five years KEDC staff closed projects that represent more than $190 million in new and retained capital investment and 2,600 jobs under contract.

To enhance a business climate that is conducive to job creation and retention, improving the standard of living for Kilgore residents.
Mission of KEDC

KEDC is directed by a five-person board and managed by a staff of four with credentials in economic development and economic development finance.  KEDC has won international awards for excellence in economic development and has been selected as the outstanding Texas community of its size in 2001, 2007, 2015 and 2019. In 2020 KEDC was selected as the economic development outstanding community of its size in the nation. 

Kilgore operates with a budget large enough to offer excellent business services yet company CEOs often have the mayor’s cell phone number.