Industries Overview

An Orgill truck pulling out of the distribution center

Kilgore is a hub for industry, with growth experienced among various sectors. A prominent sector in Kilgore that has experienced growth is the manufacturing industry. Other top industries in the area include those in the goods-producing supersector, with 22.9 percent of total employment in the area compared to only 15.7 percent in the U.S. The largest percentage of that employment is in Gregg County. In addition, the goods-producing sector share of the total GDP is 33.5 percent compared to the nation at 17.1 percent.

Percent of Total Employment in Area
Percent of Area Goods Producing Employment in Gregg County
Industry Share of Total GDP
Goods Producing LQ

Kilgore is Growing

Kilgore has grown, and it is a trend that is expected to continue. Establishments in all sectors of the Kilgore Labor Draw have experienced steady growth increasing 11 percent over the last few years.

A skeeter employee checking out a boat before it leaves the facility
Average Wages per Worker
Average Annual Change in Wage (2010 - 2020)