Metal Manufacturing

Companies in Kilgore
  • Drilltools
  • Communication & Power Industries (CPI)
  • McClung Energy Services
  • Merritt Preferred Components
  • Cleveland Steel Container
  • Skeeter Products

Manufacturing is one of the largest industries by employment in Kilgore, with more than 23% of the workforce employed in the goods-producing sector. The sector is driven by a strength in skilled trades and workers that have clear skill transferability to other machine operator and metalworking occupations. 

Manufacturing employment is concentrated in four industries: fabricated metal products, primary metals, machinery, and chemicals. Occupational strengths include a highly skilled workforce with a large number of skilled welders, machinists, production workers and machine operators. 

Location Advantages

Geographic Location
An advantageous Northeast Texas location with accessibility to major traffic arteries (I-20 and US 259/59)
Low Cost of Utilities
Regulated electric power integrated with generation
Local Support
Partnerships with Kilgore EDC and the City of Kilgore foster business growth.

Industry Spotlight

Percentage of total employment compared to US at .7%
LQ for Metal and Product Manufacturing
LQ for welding occupations
Industry share of total GDP compared to US at .7%
Local Success
"Kilgore’s history as a major energy center has produced a skill set that transfers well into other metal fabrication applications"
Chris Thompson, Director of Manufacturing Operations