Annual/Mid-Year Reports

2021 Year-End Overview

While 2021 was once again an interesting year, KEDC continued to see heightened activity and deal size as employers evaluated growth and location options. KEDC closed three projects; two expansion, and one retention. Cumulative projections are shown below. New and retained investment, as well as jobs, exceeded both three- and five-year averages.  

2021 Year-End Highlights

  • 3 Agreements

  • 755 Jobs Under Contract

  • $50,080,000 Investment Under Contract

In addition to these projects, the pipeline of leads and potential projects continues to grow. Last fiscal year, the number of leads exceeded expectations. So far, 2022 is on pace to equal 2021 lead generation efforts. KEDC staff cultivated 87 leads, of which 55 were actionable. The number of leads generated exceeded prior years by 37 percent.

67% of total actionable leads were cultivated through KEDC direct marketing activities, which continues to be the leading source for actionable leads. Internal KEDC activities include both inbound and outbound marketing.

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2019 Mid-Year-Report
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