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Amanda Nobles Celebrates 30 Years

The city of Kilgore celebrated Amanda Nobles and her 30 years of service to the community during a reception and recognition ceremony at a Kilgore city council meeting. 
‘Amanda has spent 30 years serving the citizens of Kilgore’ said Pat Nault, president of Kilgore Economic Development Corporation. ‘Kilgore has been extremely fortunate to retain a professional as capable as Amanda.’
‘It is a very rewarding career, and we have accomplished so much as a team.’ said Nobles. ‘What is important to me is seeing new and diverse tax base developed that benefits the taxing entities and citizens as well as seeing people work in the companies that expanded or are new to Kilgore and knowing that those people have jobs that can support their families.  Quality of life is having a good job.’
Nobles was the first and is the only Executive Director KEDC has employed.  Under her leadership since 1990, KEDC has helped influence important economic indicators in Kilgore:
  • The top ten taxpayers in Kilgore have increased in value 424%.
  • The industrial tax value in Kilgore has experienced an annualized increase to date of 26.29%, outpacing all other categories.   In spite of the downturn in the Energy Services industry over the past few years, the overall Industrial sector in Kilgore remains the dominant factor to the tax base, outpacing both the residential and commercial sectors.
  • In Kilgore, the distribution of value between residential and industrial is one to two, an important indicator demonstrating how the property tax burden is distributed within the community.  Market values in Kilgore remain more balanced between residential and industrial properties than cities in the same market area. 


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