Synergy Park


Synergy Business Park is a Class A, campus-style business park located just two miles from Interstate 20. With full infrastructure, amenities and curb appeal, this park helps attract the best and brightest of the workforce and protect a company's investment.  Investment ready sites are cleared lots with infrastructure to curb. They reduce time during construction and get product to customers faster.

Synergy Park is 672 acres of "Business by Nature." Amenities include a 10-acre lake that serves as the backdrop for a scenic industrial park, complete with walking and jogging trails and investment-ready sites.
The Park is located just two miles from Interstate 20, a major transportation artery in the Southern United States that intersects nine other interstate highways. Its intersection with I-10 connects California to South Carolina.
US 259 is a spur of US 59, a north-south US highway that is a border to border route from Minnesota to Mexico. Portions of the route have been designated as Interstate 69.
Reliable 10 MegaWatt electric infrastructure in Kilgore is served by AEP through one of its operating companies, SWEPCO. The distribution system is integrated with its generation system and the rates are regulated.