Success in Kilgore

One of the nation’s largest environmental laboratories calls Kilgore home: Ana-Lab is closing in on 60 years since the ‘Complete Service Laboratory’ first started testing samples in a backyard, bumper-pull trailer.
Closure Systems International
For a company focused on crafting caps, Closure Systems International’s production in Kilgore can’t be stoppered – according to the latest estimate, by year’s end the East Texas manufacturing operation aims to ship out the door more than 14 billion closures.
The efforts of Kilgore EDC and local officials streamlined Drilltools’ efforts to put down roots in the city, trimming the timeline to half of what it would normally take to establish a similar manufacturing operation.
Merritt Preferred Components is closing in on a century as one of the manufacturing cornerstones of Kilgore, and Kilgore Economic Development Corporation is glad for the role the organization has been able to play in assisting the locally-owned and operated company – helping Merritt drive strong roots even deeper into the bedrock of this community.
Founded in 1847, Orgill, Inc. is the world’s largest independent hardlines distributor. Orgill serves more than 11,000 retail hardware stores, home centers, pro lumber dealers, and farm stores in the U.S. and Canada and to more than 50 countries outside of North America.
Revolution, a producer of food service bags, films and other products was founded as Pak-Sher in 1973, and was family owned until being sold to sold to Revolution Plastic Recycling in 2019.
TOCE International
TOCE International, located at 337 Cargill Road, has been building tanks and vessels since 2020.
Since 2002, Wagner Tuning has developed and produced high-quality engine parts such as intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds, downpipes, and Intercooler kits.